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  • vue espace ludique avec fontaine d'eau, rivière rapide, enfants et adultes qui jouent

    A leisure centre

The facilities

The Espace aqualudique Ti dour is a leisure centre available to everyone. It offers a wide range of aquatic activities throughout the year.




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The Ti dour leisure centre is located in Lannion in Côtes d'Armor and is open all year round.

With three pools, a slide and water features covering 750 m² and a cardio-training/fitness area covering more than 300 m², Ti dour is one of the largest swimming pool complexes in the area.

180,000 people use the complex every year and 1,000,000 have used it since it opened in 2008. 

Something for everyone to stay active all year round 

The pool area

This area includes:

A leisure and teaching pool

Depth between 0.80 m and 1.30 m

Temperature: 30°C

The pool has bubble benches (balneotherapy), river rapids, geysers, massage jets and a "swan's neck" jet

A paddle pool

Depth between 0.20 m and 0.40 m

Temperature: 32°C

The pool has water games, water mushroom and jets

A swimming pool 

Depth between 1.40 m and 2.50 m

Temperature: 28 °C

A disabled access chair lift is available for those requiring assistance entering the pool

A flume (52 m long)

An outdoor solarium: semi-exotic garden, deckchairs and beach volleyball court

Disabled access: Ti Dour provides disabled access facilities in the changing rooms, toilet and shower areas and at reception. There is also special signage to direct disabled users around the different parts of the building. 

Additional information: the water is treated with chlorine, the walls of the pools are made of stainless steel and the local authorities took the decision, as part of a policy aimed at environmental protection and energy-saving, to heat the facility by means of a wood-fuelled heating system (using sustainably-sourced wood).

The fitness area


The Ti Dour leisure centre also offers a fitness area.


Located on the first floor and covering 300 m², it has two different areas: a cardio-training area including muscle-conditioning equipment, and a fitness room.